Saturday, 15 August 2009

Are we nearly there yet???

Last weekend before holiday. Two suitcases are packed (no clothes, curtains , tables, books....). One still to go. This has to take my youngest sons clothes (its a hot country so clothes are thin plus we have a washing machine so he doesn't need enough black jeans to last 3 weeks), clothes for my friends twins, some board games,more curtains. I have some china I want to take too but suitcase is no good for that so it will have to be in our various hand luggage's.

The weekend is all chores. The packing and then cleaning & putting away. I suspect it will look awful when we get back as my eldest son is staying home and then leaving home half way through the break. He attracts mess. It is chaotic untidiness actually. He is always clean but surrounded by guitars, amps, computer bits, discarded clothes, pages of lyrics and music ( i have finally got him writing these in a book no on individual pages, what a break through). So I am expecting the worst in the hope that it will be better than that!

Off to Ikea now for the final battle...


  1. Have a wonderful holiday Lizzie!!!

  2. Preparations for a trip are the kind of chores I like although still stressful. Hope you have a great time!


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