Thursday, 6 August 2009


Kadeeae has tagged me! and panicked me. I have to think about 7 amazing facts about me. I can just about come up with 7 facts but amazing I cant quite manage.


1) I once submitted a proposal for a cookery book of food from the Levant. My proposal was initially accepted but by the time I got back to them with the first draft the man who had accepted it had been dismissed (probably for accepting book proposals from aspiring but untalented writers.

2) I wrote to NASA when I was at school in an attempt to get a place on the space programme.

3) 50m backstroke world champion swimmer, Liam Tancock, is my distant cousin according to various in between cousins.

4) I went on holiday for two weeks in summer 1987, and didn't come back for two years.

5) I never lie about my age but often tell people the wrong age as I am now sufficiently old (47) that I don't know my age without doing the maths each time.

6) I love roller coasters.

7) I understand that fear is the flip side of excitement (for me)and so I am not frightened of fear (terrified of snakes though).

Can I tag a couple of my favourites too please

and Middle Way. Come on, dont be shy!!!


  1. Love the list! I did #2, too. Always wanted to be astronaut! I wish I could still harbor some of that naivety that I held as a child. :)

  2. Great list. I will try to live up to the challenge. (I'm glad there are only 7. This could take me a while.)

  3. What a great list Lizzie!

    Perhaps you ought to re-submit your book proposal? How great to be a world champion swimmer!

    Now you've got me in a panic!

  4. Hiya Lizzie-

    Could I possibly have your email adress? No spam, no giving it out promise!

    If so, would you send it to Kadeeae AT gmail DOT com replacing the AT and DOT ;-)

    Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hi Moneyfunk. Do you mean we were never going to be astonauts. Doh!
    I know yours will be good Daizy.You have hidden depths!
    I was wondering about that middle way. It seems I had more imagination back then, perhaps i should try to kick start myself a bit.
    Hi Kadeeae, its in the mail!


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