All change

My eldest son is leaving home (or so he says). Two friends of his are moving in together & he has been offered the spare room. The couple seem too young to me, but perhaps because I am older. My sister got married at 19 & I believe my grandma was only 17. I married at 28 and thought that a bit sooner than intended (that's what happens if you marry a foreigner, the Home Office decides when would be a good time to marry instead of your mum).

Anyway, I am wandering from the point. He is taking up an offer of the spare room. i suspect it is because he doesn't like to let them down because he doesn't seem even slightly excited. He is keeping his key and can come back anytime ( i left home and returned loads of times) however i am getting rid of some junk and having a change round. His room turns back into my office leaving extra space downstairs where we currently both have our desks. I am hoping he will come home for a decent meal once a week at least.

I could easily panic about potential empty nest syndrome at this point. My other son is two years younger so I don't think he goes for a while but its is time to accept that life is changing. I am focusing on the positive just in case I start to panic!

We were talking about skills audits at work today, as well as personal development. Perhaps I need to do the same at home.....


  1. Doors closing and new doors opening. I hope they are good doors. Are you going to get a new kitty or is it too soon?

    Sorry I haven't written my list (from your previous post). My mind has been consumed with puppies!

  2. Sounds a neat new adventure for him. I think he'll know pretty quick if it is for him.


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