Home again.

I have been home for a week or so actually but my work was waiting and the laptop is broken. I was hoping I could fix the laptop with a new power cable but of course I cant tell if its a cure until I try it and maybe I spend £40 and it still doesn't work. However my husband has now fixed my power cable and I am up and running again. Any sudden silences will let you know if this quick fix has failed!

We had a super time on holiday and didn't have to pay a surcharge on our ridiculously stuffed bags. All furniture, curtains etc arrived safe and sound. Furniture was built but curtains are still not up because the price of curtain poles was somewhat outrageous. Also they don't hang net/lace curtains with wires and I did want two lots of poles. I texted a friend to ask how you hang such curtains in Greece and the reply was 'ask you sister to bring out the wires from home'. Hmmm, have I spotted a gap in the market maybe.

We need to save some money up and sort out the stairs, which are outside before I feel like using the up stairs at all. It is just a bit too scary at the moment.

We also need to sort out our landscaping before the whole house slides off down into the village.

So expense, expense, expense. Looking on the bright side there are a few possible business opportunities which might help us afford to finish off the project. There is a grant programme rolling out for help with business start up. It doesn't come to our village yet but if it does then maybe it is something to build a couple of really good apartments where the old house is (was). I would like them to look like the old building and fit in with the village and to be well finished and a pleasure to stay in. Any visitors would be good for the village and hopefully use the shop and cafeneons. Anyway fingers crossed for next time the grant rolls into town.

Second thing is that the owner of the local oil mill is interested in having us sell the local olive oil in the UK. It is excellent stuff (my friend Sue gives me 5 litres every year from her trees)but I need to know more about the technical side of things.

Hope to start catching up with all my blog reading soon.


  1. Welcome back! I am intrigued by those little differences like hanging curtains. How do they do it? And those temporary stairs look really scary.

  2. Thank you.
    Curtain poles but slim ones for net/lace curtains and another lot for the heavier curtains. But becuase its so hot and sunny they very sensibly have small windows. However mad ENglish people want big windows so I cant get any which are long enough anyway. They are super scary. It puts me off having wine with diner when i know they are between me and my bed!

  3. Hello Lizzie
    Nice to see you back and feeling refreshed after your holiday. I'm still tryingot geet over mine and the cold weather we are having isn't making it easy.
    Anyway how do you feel about becoming an olive oil merchant - do you think it will be an easier task than the foray into the soap trade lol
    Take care

  4. Hi Cathy
    I hope so. Does oil n=baron sound good???


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