Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Laptop RIP

It may be ressurectable but I suspect I have seen the last of my lovely laptop. Partly because of the condition it has been in over the last few weeks and partly because the man in the laptop shop seems to be completely clueless. Keep fingers crossed for me. In the meantime I have a work lap top which I now bring home each night to use (well, since yesterday really).

Life around here is pretty busy at the moment. My eldest son has left home, although he does pop in to visit a couple of times a week so I am not too traumatised. This has prompted me to reorganise the house. His room becomes the office, the office becomes a reading area and there is a knock on effect across the other rooms with various furniture moving around. Whilst I am moving furniture I am also taking the opportunity to paint. Also having a little 'eBay' corner in the office so that I try to sell my old junk a bit more efficiently than currently.

I am also trying to change my eating patterns to be more healthily. That mean cooking form scratch every day, even if you would rather do something far more relaxing. On the bright side I no longer have to make daily lunches for eldest son. The actual making of them was okay but thinking of something interesting was awful.

Loads of expenses this month with broken laptops (2), car MOT & tax (also 2)and all sorts of other things. I really need to get moving on the extra income challenge.

Trying to catch up with all my blog reading is my light relief this week.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Just have to hope he doesn't decide to come home again - I had that happen after we'd reorganised the house. As much as I loved him there were a few hard feelings on my part - almost felt like he was intruding my space. Didn't matter it had been his in the first place lol
    Take care

  2. I was thinking what Cathy said. When I went to college my parents moved to a garage while they built their retirement home. I did end up moving back but I lived in a small trailer out in the yard. That didn't last long! Best of luck with your new office.


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