Quiet Day

I have a few plans for my weekend but I am expecting it to be pretty quiet.
It is cold but sunny, which is lovely as it has been raining all the week.
My husband is still away until Wednesday. Mum & Dad are away on a trip to France with Sue & Steve (my sister and her husband). Eldest son is working all day and has a bonfire party tonight. Youngest son is here (but asleep) and has an 18th birthday party tonight. It was supposed to be a sleepover afterwards but now he has asked for a lift home at 11pm. That's fine with me as I don't seem to sleep so well when I am the only one in the house. I hear noises which are really not there. When we still had the cats I slept just fine home alone but somehow the cockateil doesn't give me the same sense of security apparently! (plus he is a bit of a nervous wreck himself).

So todays plans are keeping busy with chores. And there are plenty. We have lunch planned & as it is just the two of us there isnt much cooking, so I can really concentrate on house work. Also without my husband here I can re-arrange furniture if I want to. He seems to be able to put up with it better if he isnt here for the actual act of moving.

So I guess I had better get out of my lovely warm bed and get on with it.


  1. Are you ready to get a new cat yet?It appears there is a job opening for a bed warming/house protecting/cocketeil taunting bundle of fur.

  2. Only if I can have my own cat back. Its mad I know but I still cant talk about losing Lulu. I still have two tins of whiaskas in the cupboard which I cant get rid off. We have 'occasional cat' from across the road but thats as far as we go. I am a muppet!


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