Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hurry up 2010

I know I have been moaning about 2009 for about 11 months (major illnesses for one and all, lost friends and relatives, lost pets)but I just cant wait. This morning my husband visited the doctor because of some bleeding which he has been suffering lately (don't ask where).The doctor was sufficiently concerned to say he needs to be sen by a specialist by the end of next week. By the time I got home from work there was a message asking him to ring the hospital tomorrow after 7am. I might be wrong but to me it doesn't sound so good.

Yesterday was his birthday and we had a lovely evening. He cooked for us all. We had a glass of champagne & watched a DVD that he had for his birthday. Typical birthday celebration in our house. Eldest sons girlfriend was 18 on the same day so we had a joint celebration. I was lovely. The boys bought him DVDs, I bought his some little things to open but on Saturday we will shop together to buy him some new trainers. I let him sleep in this morning when i went to work and he was smiling in his sleep. By 11am he rang me with the news from the doctor. I am trying not too worry but what can you do. Hopefully we will know soon.

Just let it be 2010 now and back to normal.


  1. So sorry to hear 2009 won't go quietly. The waiting is the worst. Hope everything turns out ok.

  2. Will keep you in my thoughts, it's about time for things to turn around for you and yours.


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