Oh where is my schwimmbad torte now

I could moan again but I am not going to! Yesterday we visited some friends of ours after work. Margret who is German and so has cake making abilities way above the norm, made my husband his favourite cake for his birthday, a fantastic schwimmbad torte. My slice of cake was on the plate in front of me for an hour! I couldn't eat because of sudden and quite rampant tooth ache. The whole side of my face from mid forehead to mid chin. I took pain killers, in fact too many I suspect in my confusion, had hot wheat bags, bonjela, hot water bottles. Nothing made any difference. Tracing around my mouth with the tongue I found a broken tooth. I don't know what happened to the rest, I didn't see it go. This was a wisdom tooth and there just wasn't room for it in my mouth.

Of course I couldn't sleep in the night & by 4am I was ratty as well as in pain. I finally dropped off at about 6am. When I awoke I phone the NHS dental emergency helpline. I was given an appointment for 10.15am this morning. By 11.30am I was home again and toothless. He gave me the option of filling but said that it wasn't in a good place anyway so probably best to extract. Total cost to me was £16.50. They were so efficient and so reasonably priced I was yet again very grateful for the NHS. I also oddly quite enjoyed the wait at the clinic. All of the others in the waiting room were in the same boat as me as this was the emergency centre for our area. We had a real giggle all together in our adversity as we awaited our fates under the knife.

I wish I still had that slice of schwimmbad torte on a plate awaiting my attention. She only makes it once a year as it takes all day to make, so I will have to wait until next December. Bummer.


  1. Sorry to hear about your tooth. I hope I didn't send broken tooth vibes over the ocean. Glad it didn't cost too much and you didn't even have to go to Mexico!

  2. I thought £16.50 was a bargain anyway but when you factor in the saving on airfare its even better!

  3. So sorry to hear about your tooth pain. I wish you had taken the torte "to go". This has been quite a year for you. Here's hoping the next few weeks will be fun and uneventful!

  4. I wish but at the time I couldnt ever envisage wanting to eat again.
    Oh yes, roll on 2010. Never have a i been so excited about a new year aproaching. 2010 is going to be great!


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