New Year Plans

I love New Year. Not necessarily the Old Years Night party, we wont be going anywhere this year anyway as the old bloke is in hospital for a small op (he is nervous and currently just awful to live with). What I like is the feeling of getting the chance to start over. It feels like a clean slate. A new beginning. A bit trite maybe but its really how I feel.

We are already thinking about what we will do differently this year.

The old fella says he wants to lose 10kg. He has lost about 15kg already but he did get a bit chubby after his heart attack. I bought him some bathroom scales amongst his Christmas gifts but I don't think he fully appreciated how useful they would be!

He is also declaring he will get up at 8am every morning. Several nights a week he works until 10pm or later so this is a change for him. He doesn't like to be alone and suffers from depression so he hides in sleep and then has less time at the house until he can go to work. He wont take medication as it makes him slow and tired but this year he has plans to fill his days with work and gym visits which I think should keep the black shadows away.

Lucky for me my problems are less difficult. My list will be longer but far easier to attain.

Lose 1 to 2kg each month.

Increase exercise to counter problems with back and trapped nerve in my hip. Daily walk if possible.

Salsa lessons on a Monday night whenever possible.

Meal planning - now we are four again at the house, or more often five, I could cope better with more pre planning.I am making a file of all our favourite dishes. Also considering asking other family members to cook sometimes.

Housekeeping planning - what needs doing and a tick list, plus a little help from other family members.

Shopping from farmers market, market and small stores when ever possible-supermarket last resort only. Update price book and use it but buy better quality food overall. Ensure freezer is used to optimum.

Try new hobby of glass engraving. Had a load of new kit for Christmas so use it!

Three more days to go as I add more and more to my list. No problem. I am a surprisingly goal orientated person.


  1. I never do 'resolutions' because, for what ever reason, I never seem to accomplish them. But if I just have a small list of 'things I'd like to do' for the new year I seem to fare much better.

    Must be the way my mind works . . . and we won't go there! lol

  2. I know what you mean, I dont like being bossed around even by me. To prove my point I rarely start on the first!

  3. Oh no, is it resolution time already? I can't even remember what last years were. Luckily I can look them up on my convenient.

  4. I might be worng but i dont think any of yours included adopting dogs........

  5. I'm a rebel that way. Gotta mix things up mid-year!


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