Saturday, 26 December 2009

Loving Christmas

We had a lovely day yesterday and a super evening on Christmas Eve. We all go to my parents on Christmas day. Since my sister and family returned from New Zealand in 1987 we have always had Boxing day in their house, which is where we will be after our walk today. When I got married in 1989 and we got a home of our own then Christmas Eve evening became my hostess time. Its a bit of a rush as I don't actually leave work until 1pm but we were quite well organised and it all went well. This photo is the 'Christmas Tree area' of the conservatory. We moved out there from the sitting room as we don't all fit in the sitting room anymore (we haven't got bigger, except the kids, there are just more of us).

So we had lots of food, lots of games but mostly lots of talking and laughing. We watched Australia in the afternoon. An excellent film and for the first time I can remember no-one fell asleep after lunch,might also be because the kids were saying first one to fall asleep at a party always gets their eye brows shaved!. Anyway so far it has been great. We are meeting up in about an hour for a walk along along the river at Alresford, a local market town. Afterwards we will go back to my sister house for a late lunch. My parents, my sister and her husband, my husband and children and the eldest sons girlfriend, my niece and her boyfriend and his mum (dad is football talent scout and has to be away scouting for talent).

Hope everyone is enjoying their days however they choose to spend them.


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