Saturday, 2 January 2010

2009 just didnt want to go quietly

As we knew it wouldnt.

The old chap has a friend who lives in Peru. He used to live in the UK until about 2 years ago, and had lived in the states & Canada. A master of the visa system I think. The two guys normally speak to each other once a month to catch up on gossip. Last chat was 1st December. Yesterday the old chap phoned a friend in Slovakia to wish her Happy New Year and instead received the news that his friend in Peru had died. Heart attack on 3rd December, aged just 35, newly married with a little daughter. We culdnt beleive it, surely a heartless prank. We phone his mobile repeatedly. Eventually a woman answered. Spanish is not a language that either of us knows but tears and despair cross any linguistic barrier. So so sad, He was always a wanderer and never settled with anyone but actually seemed to have found peace and was happy with his new family.

2009 wasnt a good year to be friend or relative, or even pet, of ours. There have been so many losses that I am begining to feel personally responsible. We are the only thing that everyone has in common, apart from the obvious. Thank god it is 2010 and please let it not be our turn.


  1. Lizzie, it is not your fault! Remember the whole 6 degrees of separation thing.

    What a tragedy, so young.

    It is 2010. A new beginning!

  2. *delurking*

    How awful! 35 is so young!

    2009 seems to have been such a hard year for so many. So much sadness. so many loses......

    I hope that 2010 is a new beginning and that 2009 will be left firmly in the past for you and your family x

  3. Hi Middle Way
    You are right ofcourse but its so awful. Just so young and just getting his life together.

    Hi Bright and New & welcome.
    Its the age of the friends and relatives which we have lost this year which has really knocked us around. And on a purely selfish basis I am suddenly very aware of my own mortality. But as you say 2010 is here so lets firmly welcome a new beginning.


  4. How terrible. I'm sorry to hear it. I hope 2010 is a much better year. Of course it will be because I say so!

  5. Hello Lizzie
    Thats not a good way to start the year is it:(
    I'm sure with time all the worries and hurts of 2009 will fade a little bit, they'll still surface occasionally but the memory of all those people will be what keeps you going
    Take 2010 and run with it - as far as you can and make it a good one for you and the family Lizzie
    Take care

  6. Thank you Daizy. I feel you have the power!

    Thanks Cathy. 2010 will be better. I have made up my mind. Its all still such a shock though.


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