All change

Of course, its January, everyone makes plans to change. So we do it too.

Soups, mainly vegetable, feature a lot in our new plans. The old chap is in soup making mode. He will be filling my freezer with exciting new tastes. Soup is healthy, frugal, yummy and helpful to our weight loss plans. 2010 is the year of the Soup.

In the freezer are two (almost) empty plastic containers. One will collect raw chicken bones as we bone thighs etc, the other will collect raw lamb bones when we make kebabs or sausages. Either will happily receive bits of onion, celery etc. Once they are fill they will be boiled up to make stock. I experimented with my first tub through November and December & my lovely stock is now nestling in the freezer with ambitions to form the bases of a soup.

The freezer and fridge, even the cupboards are bursting with food. I cant miss a bargain and everything is reduced each time I visit the supermarket. I just need to be careful not to bulk feed just because I bulk bought.

I am also hoping to build up my daily walks until I can walk to work. The pain in my hip suggest this may be some time but I am not giving in.

Now I have another week before I return to work ( annual leave not just a long Christmas Break.) I am trusty assistant in the house work department (big housework, tiling etc not just cleaning).


  1. How I wish I had another week. Your soup plan sounds delicious. I want soup!

  2. It is good to have so much annual leave. But I will still be working there long after you go into semi retirement so it kind of evens out.

    Fresh tomoato and green chilli today i think. Very yummy and will certainly defrost me as it is still -5 here.


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