5 a day box

I had my five a day vegetable box arrive whilst I was at work yesterday. Its huge! No other word for it. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away and ferreted it all away before I thought of taking a photo. I will link through to the site so that you can see sample boxes though.

In my box was;
3 leeks
5 avocados
4 grapefruit
Loads of apple
Bag of red potatoes
Bag of white potatoes
Punnet of kiwi fruit.
2 mango's
2 bags of lychee's
a bag of apricots
2 heads of broccoli
Loads of onions & shallots
a swede
a pineapple (big fella)
a large melon
loads of carrots
a cucumber

Maybe a few other things, so many I have lost count now!

A large string of garlic as well, just remembered that.
Total price £19.95. Accordingly tot he packaging it is £42 of fruit and veg if bought at a local supermarket.

It all looks fresh and yummy and I really like the idea that virtually get forced to learn a few new dishes to accommodate the surprise contents.

Everything arrived in a large recyclable box with very little additional bagging.

Its great. I love it. This is where the fruit and veg is coming from for me now. Now I just need to find a similar supplier of meat!

Oh, and lots of bananas. Did i mention the bananas too.


  1. Was just about to ask the cost... that seems really reasonable...

  2. £19.95. I forgot, there was a savoy cabbage as well.
    I think its excellent. Also it makes it easier to decide on meal plans as it is thrust upon you!

  3. Wow, I would never be able to eat it all before it went bad.

  4. There are a lot of us and the men eat loads!

  5. They do meat boxes too for as little as £19! I have been a bid fan for years now.


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