20 years ago today

Twenty years ago today I was only just beginning to understand the meaning of tiredness, I was in a bit of pain but I had the best present I had ever received. At 12.23pm after 14 hours in labour my eldest son, Ahdel (aka Del). Wow, that time pasted really quite quickly. I was 27 and suddenly I am 47. Not sure that I am any more mature but what the hell.

I hadn't really planned to have children and certainly not that young but he was an amazing surprise. We are quite lucky that he turned out so well (I know I am his mum but he is handsome, bright, caring and full of humour,honest )considering I was half way through the pregnancy before we knew I was pregnant. I cant even bear to think of how much red wine went through my system in the months before I knew. However he was born a very healthy bouncy 8lb15oz of noisy perfection.

Two years & two months later my second surprise arrived and the doctor decided to change my method of contraception ( I test drove the first Mirenas, hence no more additions to the family however I am very glad it failed when it did and I was giving the lovely fellas that I didnt know I was missing until they arrived.

Now he has a lovely girlfriend called Bonnie. She fits right in with us and is all I could ask for, for him. He has a job which gives him plenty of job satisfaction (boat building)and enough cash,in the short term. He has a love of music and,fortunately, a talent,which is a pleasure for all of us.A sense of humour which definitely came from his mum, as he always reminds me.

I am very pleased the stork visited us 20 years ago today.

This is my little bundle having ice cream with his nan and grandad on hols.


  1. Now that's what I would call a happy accident. You certainly sound like a proud mama.

  2. Yep, sure am.These are my puppies!

  3. I don't knwo why but your post made me cry. in a good way! what a lovely lad he sounds! boat building. what a cool job. I hope that my boy finds something so cool to do when he is grown up.

  4. It did turn out pretty good all in all!


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