Definitely still winter

Sometimes we have a few cold days around here but in Hampshire not so much snow or anything very exceptional. It is apparently something to do with the Isle of Wight protecting us. When I was a girl in Devon things were much snowier. The big freeze was the winter after I was born (1962) and I didn't leave the house for 2 months. It snows from Boxing day until 8th March I read yesterday.

To be snowed it seems to me very odd. My son and his girlfriend are house-sitting in WInchester. They can get out on foot but not by car. She can walk to work at the hospital up the road but he cant get to work in SOuthampton and even if he could no-one else has made it in, so not much boat building being done this week. He needs to work, he isnt good at home alone. Youngest sons college has closed again today. He says it is the best start to a new term ever! One day in, three days off, another day in and then a weekend. Result! All of the old chaps classes are cancelled so far this week as well. No-one wants to battle the snow just to jump into water for 30 minutes . I imagine icicles hanging off body parts if they did try it. My work is still going string although a few have worked from home. I have two more days holiday and a weekend before I have to worry. I am going out visiting shortly though. The 4x4 is finally getting used (uses LPG - very green, dont worry). My dad is off to hospital this pm too. I am glad they havnt cancelled as I thought they might but aparenly all staff have managed to get in. My sister is drivin him up in their 4x4 because the roads around his house are impenatrable. We cant even get his car out of the garage.

More yummy comfort food planned for dinner tonight. Meatballs and spagetti sounds good to me.

Must go, there is a polar bear in the garden...


  1. All this snow! It does seem quite odd being snowed in, doesn't it? I think we are reasonably near you - right down on the Hampshire coast - and we rarely see snow here.

    Take care :)

  2. Thats right, we are at Allbrook between Southampton and Winchester. Snow for us is usually cute and fluffy and lasts about 30 minutes. This isnt even funny anymore!

    You too, wrap up tight!

  3. Hi Lizzie!

    I cannot believe you are getting so much snow. If you are safe and cozy inside, it looks very pretty! All your cooking is making me hungry!

  4. I'm starting to feel guilty about the warm sunny weather here. So many people are snowed in. But I'll be baking in the heat this summer soon enough so I might as well enjoy it now. Hope you all stay safe on those snowy roads.

  5. Hi Middle Way
    BAck to work on Monday though and I did brave the world a few times this week. I am not good at being shut in.

    Hi Daizy
    Good, at least you feel guilty!!

    Saturday morning now as I catch up on blog reading and have my coffee and toast. Laptop says it is minus 2! and our road is still a sheet of frozen snow. Unheard of!


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