Weekend Chores

I have now been off work since 24th December,by adding a flexi day and four days annual leave to the standard Christmas break. I vaguely remembered I had a job on Tuesday when the boss phoned up with some questions but otherwise I have been in complete denial. Today is the beginning of reality. Work starts Monday morning at 8am but first two days of chores Not especially looking forward to work but certainly looking forward to my chore days.

At the moment I am blog reading, drinking coffee and have just finished my toast but as soon as the old chap goes off to work I have no further excuses and its time to start.

Cooking -
roast lamb, lasagna, rosti pie (an experiment) and cheese and onion potato pie (another experiment since I watched the Hairy Bikers on Iplayer last night).

Cleaning -
Vacuum upstairs. Quick dust and tidy but mostly it is fine.
Upstairs bathroom needs no attention since it was virtually remodeled this week and scrubbed within a inch of its life.
Stairs - vacuum.
Downstairs floors - sweep and mop.
Sitting room - light tidy.
Kitchen - scrub up!
Also conscript youngest son to move a couple of large items to new homes.
If all that is finished today then I am sorting out my new office tomorrow and sorting through the Christmas decorations to see what is superfluous. I also want to set up my office desk for my glass engraving equipment.

It snowed in the night again and the temperature is currently minus three. However a couple more days and we think it starts to get back to normal. It is beautiful but not awfully convenient. It would be okay if we had it often enough to learn how to deal with it but once every thirty years leaves us as amateurs every time.