Sunday, 17 January 2010

My own mid life crisis-busy and confused.

Life seems to be very busy at the moment. or is it at every moment. I am playing perpetual catch up.

Yesterday I read the Apple Cake recipe that my friend emailed to me several time and couldn't see how many apples I needed. When did I forget that Bramleys were apples. I am not sure I like being middle aged, it seems to mean constantly confused.

I thought a mid life crisis was when you realised this is it & you had the desire to run off with George Clooney (or whoever). Mine seems to be more about getting seriously forgetful and having trouble concentrating. & seeing (but it might just be needing new glasses.)

Yesterday I made a massive stew to last for two days. Fortunately it was fantastic, so everyone would have been happy with this. Unfortunately they couldn't leave it alone all day and now there is hardly any left for today. I guess it is there own fault for being little piglets yesterday of they come home today and get tuna pasta instead of beef stew. Bit of a let down though.

Today I need to finish vacuuming. Make some lunch (grrr - not part of my master plan).Make a birthday present for my friend, inspired by the stuff on this website. General tidy up. Make a cheese cake. Buy a ladle, as the old one broke (it was 22 years old and cheap when I first got it).Sort and put away laundry.

So best get going before I forget what I have to do. Believe me, this can easily happen.


  1. cake, stew and now cheesecake. I am getting very hungry. My weekend was too busy and I didn't get to cook. That means I get to eat out of a can this week. Or maybe spaghetti all week. Not very exciting.

  2. I really love having my oldest son at home again & his girlfriend too. Its seems worth cooking when their are 5 to cook for. I am going to be hopeless when they all finally leave for good. I should have been born in a culture of entended famillies!


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