Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Ways

Lose 1 to 2kg each month. Too early to say but looking good.

Increase exercise. Slight delay due to snow etc, starting from Monday.

Salsa lessons on a Monday night whenever possible. Just not feeling like it this month. Late night meetings mean I just want to go home,not home & out again.

Meal planning - Yes, this is working. Lots of yummy cooking is being very appreciated. I have also introduced occasional treats of puddings which seems popular.
Housekeeping planning - Also seems to be working. I do laundry during the week. Organise my tasks and try to get more done before work in the morning. Also little and often on the bathroom cleaning.

Shopping from farmers market etc. I have ordered veg box for delivery. Bulk ordering meat locally once I have room in my freezer. Minimal supermarket shopping now.

Try new hobby of glass engraving. Still waiting for my desk to be fixed and equipment set up.

I have a new organiser (book) to help me get, and keep, my ducks in a row. Also trying my best to get everyone on board. Oddly enough yummy meals and keeping the place as tidy as possible, as well as getting every ones washing back tot hem fairly promptly, is actually making them more helpful not more lazy! Who would have thought!!!


  1. I would love grocery delivery. And I don't even have to do that much shopping for myself. I just don't like the whole process of pushing the cart, standing in line, loading and unloading the car. Maybe one day they will deliver out here where I live.

  2. I was reading an article on the the BBC this week about living on Ascention Island and St Helens in the south Atlantic. Even their shopping was delivered by Asda (part of Wallmart) however it does have to be ordered three months in advance! Surely they would come to you???

  3. I haven't heard of any store that delivers here (they have started doing it in Phoenix) but maybe I could hire someone to go get them for know...when I'm wealthy enought for that little luxury. There is a smoke shop that has started offering case I ever take up the habit.

  4. Re the previous post- my memory/mind has gotten horrible lately, especially concentration! Seem to 'daydream' as much as anything.

    You seem to be moving ok on your to-do's - better a slow start and keep moving than a quick one and end up quitting! Totoise and hare come to mind, but remember what I've just said about my mind

    I don't! LOL

  5. Hi Daizy. Do they not deliver because you are in Wily Coyote country or just don't deliver anywhere? I always assume we copy you but maybe not this time. All the big supermarkets deliver here. It is good and when you order you can peruse the special offers in better detail.
    Hi Kadeeae
    I was sort of hoping someone might tell might come up with a curebut i suppose knowing I am not alone is a help!


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