Sticking to it

First day back at work today.

I don't waste much money at work generally. I don't have time to go to the shops on a regular basis but I can be wasteful if I don't plan ahead with my food. Today I took in cereal for breakfast & soup for lunch (gammon & green pea). It leaked in my bag so the car smelt yummy to start with and then horrid as the day progressed. Lucky the bag is washable. I have packed tomorrow lunch box already and am definitely using a different box to avoid the same again.

I had the same soup for dinner tonight. I really love home made soup. Tomorrow the old fella is cooking Mahcluta, a spicy soup from Syria. Should be enough for 2 evening meals and I will have the rest for lunches.

I am trying not to spend money between grocery shopping sessions unless its unavoidable, like posting parcels or paying my lottery contribution. I am really sensible in my planned shopping but sometimes the money does drip away at other times. This has definitely to be avoided.

I also designed a little grid to print off and stick to the fridge every week.
Column 1 -Days of the week.
Column 2 -Who will be around at dinner time.
Column 3 -Proposed meal.
I am hoping it will stop the 7pm arrival from work to find I haven't actually taken anything out of the freezer yet (reach for the phone.........).

Of course sticking with it is the key.


  1. Your soup talk has inspired me. I brought a homemade lentil, chicken, broccholi and rice soup for lunch. I just threw some things together and luckily it tastes good!

  2. Must be wonderful to be organized. I keep trying, not always so successful - but I keep trying. LOL

  3. Not luck,Daizy,skill! In theory you should mostly succeed as you wont put togther things tha dont appeal to you.

    I aspire to be organised Kadeeae, but that is as far as it gets! I am keeping my nose to the grindstone and working on my budget tonight. I cant stick to it if I dont set it, so here goes.



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