A good day

Cooking -
roast lamb, lasagna, rosti pie (an experiment) and cheese and onion potato pie All done but the potato pies were disastrous. I will make an effort to read a recipe next time.

Cleaning -
Vacuum upstairs. Quick dust and tidy but mostly it is fine. Done.
Upstairs bathroom needs no attention since it was virtually remodeled this week and scrubbed within a inch of its life. Didn't need doing, ha ha.
Stairs - vacuum.Done.
Downstairs floors - sweep and mop.Done.
Sitting room - light tidy.Done.
Kitchen - scrub up!Done.
Also conscript youngest son to move a couple of large items to new homes. Failed. He is aching from snowboarding but will do it for me during the week.

It is going to be even colder tomorrow. What shall I do with my day? I am thinking
baking cakes & maybe some knitting. There is a farmers market but I would think it will be cancelled. In fact I dont think I need to leave the house all day. Lovely.


  1. Looks like most of those chores got done. I would call it a mild success.


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