Wednesday, 10 February 2010

2010 - actually listening to myself!

I worked out a monthly finance budget (nothing new there) and then I stuck to it (completely new concept).

I have actually ditched a few bad habits.

Jamal now gets a lift to college with his mate in the morning, so how detour to college which saves petrol but also no detour for a mc breakfast when he charms me.

Take bottled water (refilled) when I go anywhere. Free coffee at work (and milk for my cereal). I never buy Starbucks, Costa etc, just don't even consider it.

Leftovers for lunch everyday. If nothing was leftover then find something at home to make a sandwich.

Breakfast is box of cereal in my filing cabinet, eaten with milk from the kitchen at work. No temptation to make a purchase. I don't like to eat first thing in the morning so this is a good solution for me, and saves a mid morning run over to the shop.

Meal planning is working for me too. I just do a few days at a time, anymore than that and it all falls apart. Combined with my new style shopping (veg box etc)I am really saving some money. No waste but also nothing waste by excess.

I have changed my car insurance provider to save £80 per year & get £70 cashback (wonderful Quidco).

What can be next........


  1. Great job Lizzie! Looks like everything has been thought out and under control.

  2. Hello Lizzie
    Sounds like a good result to all your pondering, will you miss the company in the car each morning?
    Seventy pounds going spare - maybe a trip to the hairdressers to use it up lol
    Take care

  3. Hi Middle Way
    No quite everything but I am improving
    Hi Cathy
    I really do miss him. It is so quiet with just the radio. I am always glad when his mate cant make it and i am back on duty.

  4. Hi Lizzie,

    Glad you got such a great deal on Quidco! Would you be happy to share your story on our website or in the media? If so, please drop me a line at

    Nicola at Quidco

  5. Well, looka you go! :-) You are doing very well - keep it up!

    I don't 'do' Starbucks as much as I used to, but cannot refuse a tall mocha with an extra shot now and again.


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