Infinite possibilities

Saturday morning at 8am and I am the only one awake, very unusual. I am having a coffee and a quick read and write and then the day begins. The old chap is off to work today, weekends are the busiest time for a swimming teacher, eldest son and girlfriend are going to the Isle of Wight for the weekend as he has a rare break from work. Youngest son has a party tonight somewhere way out in the country (probably about a 20 minute drive but it seems a long way). So I can do whatever I want!

I have decided to go with chores. Cleaning and tidying. What fun. Also some cooking but not much as we will be home alone for most of the time.

Two of the drawers in my chest of drawers have been problematic in opening and closing. Yesterday the old chap got out his carpentry gear and fixed them. We couldn't replace the sliding bits as we bought the furniture in Germany and its a whole different system here, so he had to fashion the replacements himself. He is a handy person to know. As all of my clothes is in a big pile it seems a good idea to sort it, and maybe discard a few bits, as I put it away.

There is laundry but hopefully I can finish it in one day. The plan for dinner this evening is beef stir fry. I will marinade the meat all day so it should be nice and tender. Otherwise its all just out abcleaning and tidying.

I have a bag of videos for the charity shop. Does anyone watch videos anymore? We don't have a machine for it. We recently got Sky TV again. I am sure I said we never would but it is a good deal including broadband & land-line & calls plus £115 in cash back & another £50 in vouchers, as a bribe to have it. The good thing about Sky TV is that the hard disk recorder is so easy to use even I can record programmes. I am never successfully recorded anything on DVD, or if I did then I never found it again, so this is excellent for me.

Time to get moving.


  1. Oh the thrills of trying to record from the tv - the video recorder was one gadget I could never master, on the rare ocassion I wanted something recorded I left it all up to dh. He comes in handy now and again lol
    Enjoy the weekend and just quickly - are you feeling better now?
    Take care

  2. Much better thank you. I often wonder how we will manage once the kids are grown up as it is mystery to me from end to end!


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