I am already on my weekend. I took the opportunity for a an extra day off & loved every bit of it.

We decided to build shelves into the alcove in the sitting room DVDs & games. This means we can get rid of the three set of shelving and a M&S armchair, but allow room for an extra sofa so that we can all fit in here in the evening. I have already bought the replacement sofa from a charitable society in the local town that helps the homeless. The furniture that we are getting rid off goes back to the same society. I can make changes then with a clear conscience.

We were priced out of the market at the local DIY stores & drove the extra miles to a discount shop, where we bought all the wood we needed for the whole project for £14.40. Unfortunately that meant that we had no time left to do the work (I was off but the old fella still had work).

When we were out he also bought me a present (I am pretty sure he doesn't even know it is Valentines day). I now have a lovely new Bosch sander.I have some work to do with the paneling in the upstairs bathroom but also I promised Ahdel I would refinish his favourite chest of drawers to match his room a bit better (it is paneled). He bought it for me with the money that he got as first prize at his monthly poker game last month. For some reason that seems really sweet. Bless him.

The day finished with a meal out with the family. We arrived early to take advantage of the early evening offer of roasties with unlimited veg followed by ice cream, for £5 per person. However we forgot to take our voucher with us & we didn't all get there on time. The waitress was adorable though and found us a voucher and. So we got the deal even though we were too late and didn't have the voucher. Lovely girl saved us about £30 for the six of us. Bless her. She was pleased with her tip though which meant she could take a taxi home, and as it is zero degrees tonight then I don't blame her.

And even better, I still have another two days of weekend to go.


  1. I often spend all weekend shopping for supplies and run out of time and energy for the project. You are very lucky to have an extra day off.

    Now for the cultural exchange...what are roasties?

  2. This post just made me smile, lovely, and brought to mind the term what goes around comes around - in a good way mind you! lol

  3. That happens to me all the time.
    Roasties is a complete Sunday dinner, roast meat, roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots, broccolli & whatever veg is about, yorkshire puddings (not a pudding!) and gravy. But sometimes it is just roast potatoes, just to confuse!
    Hi Kadeeae, made me smile to!


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