I must be enjoying life

because it just whizzes past me so fast. I had an extra day to my weekend and already it is Sunday night, surely there must be some mistake, isn't there an extra day still to go.

We had a power cut this afternoon. No sure why,we haven't previously had one for years. I couldn't believe how useless I was without electricity.I just couldn't think of anything useful to do. I settled for sweeping the floor and making a cake which was something like rocky road. I started gathering candles ready to light our way through the long cold evening and fortunately it came back after a couple of hours.

So tonight there is a slice of sort of 'Rocky Road' for the kids to have (way to sweet and sickly for me and the old man).

When we were re-arranging everything on Friday for the work that we didn't do (but will do next week) I found my sewing box. I have sorted and tidied it but it is looking a bit old and sad. My favourite uncle gave it to me when i was about 12 and I am now 47 so it has a good excuse for looking tired. It is padded black plastic that looks a bit like leather. Its a good strong box though and only the plastic cover has aged. I am planing to recover it in a patchwork design. I found some fabric. I am measuring the sides and the lid and making up patch work panels which I will use brass tacks to actually cover it.

Pity I didn't get that idea when the power was out this pm!


  1. The first thing I try to do when the power goes out is watch tv. At least my cell phone still works so I can call someone to pass the time. I really should think about a nap first but I don't.


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