What a week!

I am exhausted. Meetings every day and two days out of the office (so add driving in heavy traffic to the list)but all the usual jobs still needing attention. I was away form my computer for two hours yesterday and had 46 emails waiting for my attention when I got back. Next week is looking to be very similar. However my boss looks less like he is going to have a breakdown so hopefully that will happen to me soon as well.

So i have two days to recharge batteries but also do all the laundry, cleaning etc, cook for every one and prepare for another two days away next week (after that I don't have to stay away again until May). Unfortunately I seem to have too much going on in my head to sleep properly but I do feel that work will start to be a bit more manageable soon so i live in hope.

The old man has been given some short term medication to help deal with anxiety. Seems that since so many friends and family died last year he cant relax, jut keeps imagining that if we are late then we aren't coming home at all. He is looking really old with his black rimmed eyes. I hope this will help him but I know he doesn't want it to go on for two long or else he will be worrying about that instead.

Off to start the laundry now (and being grateful I don't have to haul the water first)and whizz around with the vacuum cleaner. Stir fry for lunch. This afternoon will be collapse in front on laptop and catch up with blogs, colour hair ( i look like a scruffy badger)and think about mending some clothes.........


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