Shopping Spend

Monthly budget is £280.

I spent £110 is the supermarket (after saving £12 on multibuys and a further £15 on reduced goods)
£19.95 on my veg box. - Supermarket value £42.00
£60.00 on meat (including 20 kilo of boneless chicken)- Supermarket value approx £110.

So although I only have another £90 to spend my house is full to the brim with food. I am hoping this is the way ahead with shopping.

I have some food in the house I have no idea what to cook for tomorrow lunch!


  1. That's a great problem to have. Lots of food and money left if needed! It's super to be ahead like that.

  2. Hi Lizzie :)

    I've just read the comment that you left for me - I'm wondering if you work for a HA starting with a number and then a W! If you do then thanks so much for sendiing those letters out! (And if you don't then thanks on behalf of the people who recieved your letters! LOL!)

    Ooo, those G&S boxes are great, aren't they? Been getting them for quite a while now and they are such good value for money. It sounds like you have got loads for your grocery money - great savings on those reduced goods, very well done! :)

  3. Hi MW. I am trying to look at it like that, not as just overs from pending!

    Hi Bright & New
    No but I live in house that I bought from them and I work with their former finance director. I work for 'the other one' in the area. Really glad that the letters make a difference though. I don't often get a warm glow at this time of year, thats for sure.
    I had heard of the boxes before but couldn't find them again until i read one of your blogs. Now we are converts so thanks for the link!

  4. The letter has made a big difference to our finances! :) I'm very happy today!

    I think I tend to tell everyone I meet about the veg boxes, I'm thinking I should start charging them commission, LOL! :)


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