Sleep free zone

We are all pretty poor sleepers around here unfortunately. Jamal is the best of us and even he has nights where sleep completely eludes him. Ahdels girlfriend Bonnie can just just sleep whenever she is tired, like having a big two legged cat. We are all jealous. Last evening we all wanted to sleep early as Fahed, Ahdel & Bonnie had to be up at 6 to go to the triathlon today. Fahed and I were definitely still awake at almost 2am, taking it in turns to ask if the other was asleep yet. Ahdel was awake at 4.30am. Only Bonnie had a full nights sleep. I hope she knows she has to keep the other two awake and alert all day too. There are apparently plenty of bacon rolls and cups of coffee, so that should help.

Jamal is also out all day with various friends and not back until tomorrow evening. He is kindly doing all my heavy tasks before he leaves. I have no excuse not to finish sorting out my office now that he has re-arranged my furniture for me. He is also emptying my boot and flattening down the seats so that I can collect his bike, with a flat tyre, from our friends house later.

It has started to rain so I didn't have much chance with the garden, but not too worry, there is more than enough to do in doors. Also we have a mystery dine tonight so yummy food that I dotn have to cook. All good.