Hello, its me!

Been a bit quiet lately. I am trying to keep up with reading everyone's news but its a bit sporadic.It is fun when I have the time for some serious catching up though.

Fahed had the weekend off this weekend. We planned a weekend of frugal fun (which was more fun that its sounds,honestly. Saturday we drove went to pick up the chicken to refill the freezer. We then decided to drive the extra 20 miles into Oxford. No especially far from home but I have never visited. I was remiss. We parked at the park and ride (free)and took the bus into the town. £4 return for the two of us. We were dropped in the shopping area, which is wasted on us ( I heard Fahed muttering I don't spend my life in 3 feet of water to hand over money at this rate, when he saw some lovely boots for £145).

The indoor market was lovely and I was in awe of the wedding shop within. All the artists were sitting in the window working on the cakes. That is a skill I covet. Maybe something new to think about. The buildings and river were so beautiful, just overwhelmingly beautiful.

The next day we planned a trip to the car boot sale, a visit to friends, to the Asian supermarket to stock up with chillies for a pickling session, a barbecue in the garden for dinner. However the tamazepam took over and it was all too much for Fahed so instead I did housework and he slept for the 36 hours! What a disappointment. I cant wait for this course of medication to end. Saturday was lovely though, dwell on the good bits.


  1. Such pretty pictures. 36 hours sleep, I can't imagine that. Does he feel rested when he wakes up?

  2. what a dream! i can't sleep most nights i get four hours sleep. 36 hours is just what i need xxxx

  3. It is beautiful, no doubt about it,

    He is a terrible sleeper, hence the medication. Hopefully it is only for a short time to break the habit.

    oh god yes, 36 hours straight would be amazing but I dont think its as satisfying as it should be when it comes from meds.


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