Who knew?

Fahed suffers from depression. He has to be kept busy and it has to be meaningful or he goes into serious decline. He cant cope with leisure time. His work as a swimming teacher is something he loves and would do for free but it is tied to the educational calendar. This means very often no lessons during school breaks & very little work during the day with mother and baby classes or school classes only. We need something to fill his mornings and his holidays. In short I think this is a more extreme version of my bored and fed up syndrome. He also gets over whelmed by how much needs doing to the house, although actually it is nearly finished.

So we have decided to take this in hand but of course budget is still an issue.
Whatever we do has to affordable, interesting and over by 3pm (ready for work, which could go on until 10pm, depending on the days).

So far we have;
GCSE science - at the local college for 3 hours per week plus 3 hours homework.
Saxophone lessons - £20 per hour/£10 half an hour.
German lessons - 3 hours per week with a friend. We haven't asked the friend yet though!
French conversation - at college but not sure of cost. Only suitable if they run in the day time.
Driving disabled children to school- Saw this job advertised and will ring up on Monday about it. He already teaches swimming to disabled children and so has some idea of the issues. He also has a CRB check which I would assume is mandatory. Some additional income would be useful to pay for the other things but there may be problems with the timing of collection from school in the afternoon as it cold clash with existing lessons.

Monday morning is a priority as he suffers most of all after a weekend with everyone around, so that needs to be the first point of structure.

I wish I had understood depression case and effects 20 years ago, it would have made life a lot easier. I am grateful really though to at least partially understand it now. I wouldn't wish it on anyone but its manageable when you know the triggers.

Time to go do some housework.


  1. That's good that you know how to deal with it now. My dogs keep me occupied. No time to get depressed anymore.

  2. It is so much easier. He always says you wouldnt have married me if you knew I was nuts! But actually understanding depression and its trigers make everything a lot easier. I did look for a dog foster scheme here actually as i thought it would be good for him but it seems to be adopt or nothing & we spent too much time overseas to look after them properly. I love what you do thoguh, it is excellent.


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