Whats to do

To counter my boredom blues

New haircut -as I currently look like a yetti.
New knickers -I kow no-one can see them but I will know!
New glasses - required as I am having serious vision problems.. Had my test today and had to fork out £200 for varifocals for the first time.
New laptop - Fahed is buying me a new laptop for my birthday. My current machine is nearly five years old & dying daily. I have ordered a new netbook from Dell Outlet.
Travel plans - aiming to visit friend in Sardinia for a few days in October/November.
Summer holiday - Flights are booked for 2.5 weeks in Crete in the summer.
Distant travel plans - I am checking out the feasibility/affordability of a short break in Marrakesh next year.
Discuss with Fahed what other events we can attend such as Chelsea Flower Show, Wimbledon tennis, gigs & festivals.Maximise the 'mystery shopping' restaurant visits that we do. Aim for one a week.

and ofcourse do all this but still be on a serious budget.


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  2. Hello Lizzie
    Anonymous sounds like one of those spivs that used to hang around street corners trying to get the better of any sucker they could con lol

  3. Hi Cathy
    I was just thinking I could buy an ipod from him. Lol!

  4. Oops - are they the real deal? A proper trader?
    If so they need a better PR sales person - one with good linguistic skills lol


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