Friday, 11 June 2010


So how has it been going? All the things I was worrying about and planning?

Busy week but things are improving. Next week is the second to last board meeting i have to attend and a 300 mile drive to a meeting but otherwise work is starting to be enjoyable and not quite so mad. That's good for me. I love my job but sometimes not enough!

My job is safe so nothing much to worry about (but I did anyway), Old job is redundant on 30th June, new job starts 1st July, hopefully at the same salary.

I had my hair cut but I don't think it looks any better. I need a new idea or to try a new stylist.

New knickers! Done but as expected don't feel any better. As always material possessions are no cure for anything.

New glasses - yes and bloody expensive. However they are brill and its like having new eyes, so all good.

New laptop. Yes, I gad a cute little Dell mini for my birthday. He is called Rupert and is adorable. Came from Dell outlet and was a bargain at £140. Hmmm, so maybe a material possession can make you feel better sometimes. He is lovely.

Travel plans. Summer break is booked and paid for and we are making plans for a holiday which is enjoyable but also quite a bit of work as we want to work on the house. Maybe I can consider renting it out after the landscaping is complete. The out doors is too dangerous at the moment and potential visitors could easily fall to their death. Not a good selling point. We are also looking at cheap flights for a late year visit to friends in Sardinia.

Improved work life balance means happier Lizzie. Tomorrow is housework day and gardening day. Happy Days


  1. New knickers usually cheer me up. I should get some. Rupert is very cute. I should name my netbook.

    Oh and I need an English lesson. What is 'brill'?

  2. Its weird but its true. New knickers are good. I dont normally name inanimate object but he looked like a Rupert when I opened the box. Also i thought i had ordered gecko green so he was as surprise as well.
    Just means brilliant( as in super good not as in shiny). I like that pants mean to different things to us both. When Hilary Clinton said she went through the election in ten pairs of black pants I was just thinking that is too much information to share!


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