I notice that most of my posts lately are about simplify, organising myself, work/life balance and far less about being frugal. I haven't abandoned the frugal path at all, it is just that being frugal has become some an intrinsic part of life that it isn't much effort. I don't waste (food, time, water, space, money). I don't buy things unless I really need or want them. There are certainly people that spend less and waste less than I do but I am where I want to be. I have actually increased my food budget recently because I prefer to buy slightly better base ingredients than I did when we were especially hard up. I prefer to make things myself and to re-use.

I have £50 of love2shop vouchers. I told my husband he can spend all the money on himself in Matalan(the only place he ever sops for clothes anyway) because he didn't have new clothes for sooo long. We spent an hour in the shop and ended up with 2 pairs of shorts. Total cost £12. He had the pleasure of knowing he could have whatever he wanted, just this once, but because we have got out of the habit of waste then he found he really wasn't interested. I find that to be very good news as he has had spendaholic tendencies in the past! Now he thinks of any money he wants to spend in terms of how many hours he spends waste deep in cold water.

I have some plans for today and they are all what you would expect for a woman on autofrugal mode. Sewing - make shorts smaller, mend skirt. Design and sew 6 cushion covers. Dry the washing on the line. Cheap and nutritious, and tasty lunch. Some garden time.

Have a happy Sunday

Message for Daizy - I cant access you site since Friday. Have you done something different?


  1. I love 'frugal autopilot', now if I could be on that all the time!

    Daizy's blog fine for me from your blogroll and mine, strange?! :-)

  2. I think you are already!
    I cant get to her at all but all the rest of you are fine. Weird.

  3. That is weird. Not sure if I did anything different. I used a picture on Friday that I didn't shrink to blog size. I wouldn't think that would mess it all up. Hope you can see it again soon!


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