Is it summer?

I have had a cold and mild tonsillitis this week.Lost voice, the whole nine yards. What's going on with that? It is July, high summer, and it is actually summer with temperatures up to 30 degrees this week. I have evaded a cold for the last winter or maybe two so it had to catch me. I am going back to winter colds instead, maybe my imagination but a summer cold seemed a lot worse.

Fahed decided we had a dry enough spell planned to do the next stage of the house plan. Empty the shed/workshop, insulate and refit, sort, re-arrange and put back all that is needed before the next drop of rain. This is England, rain drops are not usually far apart. However he has been very lucky with the driest spell for 75 years (do they say that every year?). Today I am well enough to help so this afternoon when he comes from work we will start sorting the rubbish which is currently swamping my lovely garden.

This morning though Jamal, my baby, and I are off to the shops to buy something nice for lunch, pay in Ahdel's cheque and maybe have a little breakfast treat. Jamal also wants to sell some old video games. The boys are 18 and 20 now but still very much a part of everything (text from Ahdel last night saying where are you? we are home alone). I cant imagine what it will be like when they leave for good. Just way too quiet I suspect. So I am taking advantage of their company when I have it.I am a prime candidate for empty nest syndrome.


  1. A house full of dogs will cure your empty nest syndrome! Just kidding. :)

  2. Sorry your poorly =(

    Have to agree summer 'colds' are the worst. You've got all the misery of the cold, but the heat of summer seems to intensify it ten fold!

    Shall be making my rounds again as I'm finally "back at it" =)

  3. They probably make less mess to be honesy Daizy. WOnder if the old man would go for it.

    Hi Kadeeae, glad your back. I have missed you & the sympathy is good too!



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