Treats for Lizzie

I sort of promised myself a new top/t-shirt this month. I am not desperate and going into work naked (although this might cure the office overcrowding as they all ran out screaming, horror movie stylee)but I wanted something new for my holiday. I know this is another two months away but I can wring maximum pleasure out of the wait this way.

The T shirt I liked was £29.50. I just couldn't bring myself to hand over that much money for a top. It stayed in the shop.

I replaced it with 4 books for holiday and I am still over £15 ahead. So now feeling pleasantly spoilt without actually spending much at all.


  1. Well, the books will be entertaining but you still have the problem of what to wear. Do they have anything cheaper at the thrift shops? I need some new tops too. Maybe I will go to the thrift shop this weekend since I have Monday off.

  2. I am happy to wear second hand stuff but its usually from ebay or car boot sale as the charity shops stuff always looks for way way older people than me. I had better just re-check the wardrobe again!

  3. I totally loved Eat Pray Love!


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