Plans for the week

Feeling better today and looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. I was at home all week and that is the longest I can ever remember being off work without being in hospital.

I have been talking to Fahed about money again today. We are discussing Christmas and Birthdays & he is being very sensible. We are meal planning. Yes, I, who never plans any further into the future than an hour am actually meal planning! I have made vast vat of vegetable soup which I will take for lunches every day. I always did this before and had forgotten. I have a huge tin of grapefruit which is being divided up into containers for a week of breakfasts. To prove to myself that I am serious about not wasting money I am intending to have 5 no spend days this week except for a tank of petrol.

Lastly we talked about one of our major expenses. As we have a large extended family overseas who think we are rich beyond their dreams we are always bailing someone out for something, an operation, new business start up, funeral expenses, rent, school uniforms (when my kids had to have second hand - don't get me started!), house payments, more operations, the list goes on and on, and on. My phone bill is astronomical as every one rings up and wants us to ring back. Next week Fahed has to fly to Cyprus because his sister is ill. He claims this is the last time. We no longer have to bail out anyone or pay everyone's phone bill. If it is true it will be amazing. I can actually save. I can actually dream. Wonder if its true.