Friday, 15 October 2010

Saturday List

Friday night and I am starting my list for tomorrow.

Laundry but less than usual as I will only wash a load when the previous load has dried on the rack.

Cleaning - just a quick sweep and flick around as the place looks a lot tidier as I am managing to get rid of things.

Which leaves time for;

Continued removal of surplus things from house to shed. As you are slowly re-fitting the kitchen I have freezers and fridges everywhere (well not quite but it seems like it)so I cant stand having all the other clutter in here as well. So the charity shops can benefit from my desire to see a clear space somewhere.

Need to plan the layout and shelves for my new larder.

Collection of sloes for slow gin.

Trip to Asian supermarket to buy chillies - £3 for a huge bag compared with .65p for three form the local supermarkets.

More menu planning, recipe collection etc

Start sorting out more items for ebay.

Bring it on.


  1. Love the blog. Good luck with purging; I'm doing the same thing today!

  2. I cant understand how there is still so much in the house when I have already got rid off so much. Good luck to you too.


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