Sunday, 21 November 2010

What's wrong with my rubbish?

De-cluttering upstairs went really well. It is obviously easier to focus on a small area i.e. not whole house. To my astonishment Jamal also spent the day cleaning and re-arranging his room. It look amazingly good. Can he keep it like that? In my dreams.

This morning sort last few homeless items from my bedroom. Go through makeup and nail varnishes and CHUCK OLD JUNK IN THE BIN. SO hard to do.

Quick tidy if sitting room which is basically clean but the table attracts clutter like flowers attract bees.

Stack dishwasher etc and get more tiles of the kitchen walls.

Main job of the day. Conservatory (biggest room in the house)super tidy.No cooking today as there is a vast pot of beef stew from yesterday. I have 10 hours available to me today so should make a dent in things. At the end of those ten hours we are all off to the cinema for the 7th Harry Potter film.

Disappointment of the weekend. No-one on Freecycle wants my junk either. I am hurt, Is my junk inferior to other peoples junk.


  1. Oh my, nobody wants your junk? I don't use freecycle much here because it takes a week for the moderator to approve a post. If I am going to give it away I might as well give it to the thrift store. It gets out of my house quicker and I don't have to see if my junk is rejected.

  2. Our moderators are pretty good, seems to be on there in about half an hour, but I suspect our groups are much smaller. Good news it that someone finally wants my foot spa!


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