Two posts in 30 minutes - why I should be a better housekeeper

Going through the nomanland of the end section of the wardrobe (not mine but also not his)to put away the new massage foot spa which Ahdel & Bonnie gave me for mothers day.
I found:
The old (but only used about once, foot spa - (please no more, my feet are fine) just about to be freecycled.
A wooden boxed set of boule - to be recycled into Fahed pile of presents this year. He won't remember that they were ever his. He gave me set of saucepans that he found in the attic last Christmas, in addition to my present, and I didnt get told until mid afternoon on boxing day why everyone found my saucepans so funny.
A boxed photo frame - also being recycled.
Two cologne gift packs which I must have bought for gifts and forgotten. Also being re-cycled this year.
My camera and I-pod -not in the wardrobe but in a forgotten basket of books - I convinced myself I had left them at the other house. What a Muppet.
Approx 12 handbags - all very similar and exactly what I would choose if I was buying a bag now. Some might suggest I freecycle but as they all look great to me I have allocated a drawer to bags and should never need to buy another one in this lifetime.
New and still boxed mobile phone - good for mums birthday.
Santa hat - Just hoping Santa dead and decaying body is not at the back of the cupboard.

Being organisationally challenged but having the occasional proper clear out is just like being given loads of presents.


  1. ha ha I love the fact that you are giving each other things you found in your own house - that's hilarious! (have to admit we will be giving Bub a present we actually gave him last year - though it is un least

  2. That is too funny about the sauce pans! At least you have a plan for most of the stuff you found so it won't go back in the closet...hopefully.

  3. Hi Moyra
    and we let the rest of the family in on the secret so only the recipient has no idea. Weird family!

    Hi Daizy
    I know. I am a muppet. They claim I looked happier when i got them the second time! To add insult to injury I am pretty sure I bought them myself in the first place.



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