More about food

Still on the veg soup and fruit for work but actually might need a new soup idea as by week 3 I am getting a bit bored of it. This has got to be saving me about £15 per week.

Tried out the sweet and sour chicken with my own noodle dish yesterday. It was really good actually but because we don't normally eat fried foods I did feel a bit sick after a few hours. Unbelievable how many balls you get from just a few chicken breasts. For the noodles I fried off a couple of dry cure bacon slices, cut into strips, an onion and then added the noodles. I then stirred some sesame oil through them. Tasted like I had made more effort than I had.

I didn't sort through my wardrobe on Sunday as I had a migraine but I have tried to be less scruffy and even wore heels for a couple of days. Didn't manage full make up but eye liner and lip colour.

Tomorrows food is rice or pasta with a mince beef based sauce. The sauce doesn't vary but I will call it spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne and maybe lasagne depending on what carbs go with it. I assume everyone in the family has noticed it is all the same thing but they are too kind to tell me.

If I feel I have to write about my food & shopping habits it makes me a lot more inclined to be good. Go blogger.