Food plan

Today I checked out Tesco CFC, beloved of Fiona at Cottage Snmallholder. To be honest the savings were not amazing but they were enough and it was things I don't normally buy so I am pushed to make new things.

Today we have southern fried chicken pieces and southern fried fries.
I have re-chopped and marinated some diced chicken breast to make Sweet and Sour Chicken on Tuesday.
I have made 1kg of lamb meat loaf with donner kebab still spices for tomorrow & have made and frozen another loaf (so I hope we like the first one).lamb mince was half price.
There are two ducks legs which will make Chinese pancakes, along with the frozen tortillas I have from a previous super price reduction.
Two packets of stewing beef which are each big enough to make a stew, maybe one this week and one next week.
A piece of roasting beef which was 1/3 off is also tucked away in the freezer for a rainy day.

I was visiting tasco anyway as their tuna is half price

I have started going to a different supermarket each week and taking advantage of their specials to replenish my stocks instead of buying each week for that week. Seems to be much more affordable.

I finally have a favourite sport, extreme shopping.


  1. Well done you! I now use the Tesco CFC as the basis for much of my cooking.

  2. Interesting menu. Duck and lamb are 2 things I would never even think of buying. Not because I have anything against them, I just have no idea what to do with them and they are more expensive than chicken and beef. I had duck at a restaurant once. I don't think I ever had lamb unless it was served to me unknowingly when I was in Austria.

  3. Hi Fiona. I am attempting to copy but your CFC counter is a bit better than mine.

    Hi Daizy. Really surprised about the lamb. the price is the same as beef here, pretty much. We have it about as often. Both are quite greasy to my taste and better dry not in stew or similar.


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