Saturday, 27 November 2010

My new bedding

I invested in a new winter quilt this morning, Egyptian cotton 13.5 tog (what's a tog?). The old one was 12 years old. I have bought three lots of sheets/quilt covers in that time. At the moment I tend to wash dry and re-use the same bedding constantly as the other two sets are pretty much beaten. Asda had a lovely quilt set reduced, when I was up there this morning. I made a strategic purchase.

This is my new bedding but my bedroom doesn't look like this. My bed is wooden, my walls are cream and there is way more art.

No more spending now except on presents.


  1. I see a theme with the stair rug. You must like stripes! I love new bed linens.

  2. Well I didn't realise I did but seems like you might be right. Mustn't get too carried away or i can see the house being a bit hard to live in.


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