2011 Plans & today's plans

Almost December, one of my favourite months.I am a massive fan of Christmas and a love the feeling of goodwill which permeates the season. Weather is cold for the South Coast, predicted at -3 for tonight. I am happily pottering indoor, insulating curtains, making door snakes (okay, they might really be called draught excluders but door snakes sounds less dull)and sorting out my food storage ready for the new larder. I am thinking of a little trip to Matalan this morning to buy a new winter quilt for the bed. We were cold in the night and talking about how light and small the quilt seems to have become and we worked out that it is 12 years old. I don't think it owes me anything. I will see if I can get a reasonably priced replacement.

Allbrook farmhouse in the snow - but not this year.

Also on the list today I have some eBay parcels to post. I am making sales to finance my Christmas shopping. I also have to collect an exercise bike from freecycle. The plan is that my dad could use it for a couple of short session a day to help with his arthritic knee. He benefits from a bike ride but at 82 we don't want him taking on the Tour de France, especially in this weather, so I will try to persuade him that this is an option. He has seen a lot of improvement since using his EFX bracelet.

I am copying Laura and starting to make my 2011 plans. Financial, domestic and pleasure. 2011 could be the year we finally finishing renovating the house here. We need enough money by summer for Fahed to do some building work on some of the land that he has as his pension investment. Also mustn't forget to include some fun, like the Salsa lessons.

Happy Days