Remembrance Sunday

My parents are too young to have served in the war being only 16 when it finished. My grandfather served in the first war. He lied about his age and signed up at 17. 300 men went from our town and he was one of six that came back. I am lucky to be here on so many counts. It was nine months after the war ended that they finally got him back from Europe. He never spoke of it and when he received a letter asking if he wanted his medals posted to him or presented to him he threw the letter away. These days they would probably say he had post traumatic stress but back then he was just considered grumpy.

We are still full of thanks.


  1. Wow, only 17 and to be only 1 of 6 who returned. That would definitely change a person. I imagine the adventure of war did not turn out like he had hoped. Nevertheless, he fought to protect his countrymen, a very honorable deed.

  2. Mad isn't it. I had the impression all the young men were the same with the very developed sense of duty. I cant imagines what horrors he must have seen in the trenches.


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