Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Good Deals and good luck

I bought my first Groupon deal this week. I have seen a few things I like but this was almost irresistible. £30 to super clean your house. To start with the deals seemed to good to be true but once I read through the workings it becomes more obvious. The deal only happens if a certain number of sales are made so its win, win for buyers and sellers. My token has arrived so its all good so far. I am thinking of booking it for the week after next so that I have two weekends to clear all the clutter away first. I have warned the kids that they must muck out their bed rooms. They were very impressed (not)but took it quite well.

Fahed asked me what I wanted for Christmas last night. I toyed with a purple Cambridge satchel, so beautiful, but spurred on with the thought of my super clean I asked for a new stair carpet. The stairs are only halfway carpeted as we had a poorly cat experience with the remaining stairs. The stairway are being awaiting attention ever since but the kitchen and conservatory have been a priority. Work is fairly slow as we don't want to borrow to build but I am truly fed up with the stairs as they are.

My boss today commented that I wasn't using my PDA much and I explained it goes flat within a couple of hours of being unplugged. She told me to ask the It team for a Blackberry next time I am in the area. I seem to be having serious good luck this week. Maybe I should be the one that pays for the lottery tickets for Saturday.

I found my old suede jacket this week when Jamal flattened out the seats in my car. It looked very much the worse for wear but shops were charging the same to clean my jacket as it would cost to replace. I read a bunch of websites and decided to wash it on the wool setting. It is not quite dry yet but it looks just fine.

I am always pretty positive & happy, unless something awful happens, but I do feel as though all good things are coming my way at the moment. I don't want to push my luck but I have a list of outstanding issues if things are going my way!


  1. Carpet for the stairs is a very practical thing and something that you will use and appeciate everyday. And your brain will be able to think of other things instead of being aggrevated everytime you walk on them. I think it is a fine choice. A clean house sounds wonderful too. I have never tried those groupons. It will be interesting to see if you are happy with the service. And, wow, you found your jacket in the seats of the car? I hope it is as good as new after the washing.

  2. Hey lady - seems like the luck is getting around at the moment. wahay! BTW I bought the book you suggested. Have you read it and done all the stuff in it? I am quite lazy when it comes to really going through things like that. I love the idea of 'the universe' (my idea of the higher power) and I think as a concept it does really work. or as a practise it works. either way it works.

  3. Hi Daizy
    I am pretty sure I am getting the carpet. Yaay. The groupon thing seems to be just with a normal local cleaning company but I will share the results. My jacket was in the boot area but i think under the carpet where the spare wheel is. Looking surprisingly good as new at the moment. lol!

  4. Hi Moyra
    I haven't read it, just thought it sounded like it might help. I am also happy letting the universe, or Gaia or karma or whatever offer up the pathways but I like to decide for myself which ones I walk along. Not keen on being bossed around!


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