I asked for a new stair carpet for Christmas. Fahed said no but if you want one that bad then you should have one. Bless him. However there is s nag. The house is 102 years old and the stairs should probably be replaced but we, and a few of the neighbour, have extra bits of wood at the side of the stairs to help to keep them from all ending up on the ground floor. That means it would be really difficult to have carpet going from wall to wall across the stairs.

So I bought this lovely jazzy stair runner. As the floor is going to be this lively I am going for cream walls but I don't want to be too dull so my woodwork is going to be Martian Skies. Gorgeous.

The walls of cream will be the perfect back ground for a home art gallery.

I am a lucky bunny.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Is the runner in wool or a sort of jute? Love all those lovely colours - shouldn't show the dirt lol
    Thanks for the info on my comments - someone else mentioned problems so I've taken off moderation for the time being. Hopefully non of the 'naughty' spam comes back
    Take care

  2. Love the stair runner. Such exciting colors. Is the rest of your house as lively?

  3. Hi Cathy
    Its a mixed fabric but very hardwearing apparently (which it really needs to be).
    Spammers are a pain,
    Hi Daizy
    All my walls are cream and most of my floors are wood but the paintwork is very often quite lively! I like tihngs to be a bit different.

  4. Love that colour...I have a mad need for a deep colour on some walls in our house, I just decide where!

  5. just 'need to' decide where!


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