Under control

I cant remember when I decided I needed to sort myself out and stop being so wasteful but I want to report back (because for some reason I behave better when I think someone might notice)that I am going good.

Still haven't purchased any lunches or breakfasts. We have about 5 different sandwich rounds that call at work now but everyone seems to do the same as me and bring it from home, so I guess the sandwich businesses aren't doing so well. I don't want to be unsupportive of local business but I have to look to my purse first.

I am sounding well pleased with myself but may not have actually mentioned I got taken out to lunch, on the company credit card (next to never happens)today. Wagamama, which was okay but not actually much better than my home-made veg soup so I am glad I wasn't paying.

I am also noticing that as I have got used to my new job it has got a bit easier and isn't stretching me so much. I am wondering if it is time to go back to higher education. I would like to have a go at an OU degree in international studies. You need 360 point for an honours degree. I have 240 from my accountancy qualifications. I am wondering if I can talk my work into paying for a couple of courses for my personal development. I might finally get a degree in time for my 50th birthday, in 18 months. Might as well use the brain before it gives up the ghost completely.


  1. That would be great if your work sent you to school. 18 months isn't long at all. I can't say I would ever want to have homework again though.

  2. But I dont have dogs to fill my days. It all looks very exciting in Daizy land at the momnet.


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