Week 2

Week 2 of not wasting money and I am still on target with taking breakfast and lunch into work. I didn't do this on Friday as I was at a different office,with no microwave for my yummy home made veg soup, but my boss took a couple of us out for lunch, so result. Potential saving of £40 so far.

Also managed not to do a full shop at the weekend and just filled up the pitta bread drawers instead. There are only the two of us at home at the moment and its easy to live on snacks (like cheese on toast) instead of cooking proper meals. Potential saving of £40.

I had to buy my son Office 2010 for college use but because he is a student we got it for an amazing £38 and we are allowed to load it on two machines. So second load has been into my laptop (which is legit I think as he does use mine when travelling as it is a little baby laptop).I love it. I have discovered Ms one note for lists. Since I am now of the age where lists come into there own (hormonal and forgetful) its great. I have a to do list, a menu planning list, a list for Fahed....and this is just the beginning. You can write anywhere on the page, so good for making notes, and it is all tab top so very easy to get around. I am sure this must count as saving £700.

Our sitting room is cream with an aubergine coloured chimney wall and picture rail. One sofa is aubergine and one is cream (both second hand of course) The third sofa was a sort of terracotta colour which was fine but didn't go with everything. In fact it seriously clashed with the curtains which are directly above it. It have so far dyed the cushions a lovely deep aubergine colour too (dylan machine burlesque red) and am searching out more dylon to do the main body of the loose covers. Its looks fantastic. The tapestry cushion covers have retained their colours but the background has change. Its lovely. I am so glad I took the risk but i dont think Fahed would have approved, in case it went wrong, so just as well I did it whilst he was away. Saving the price of a new sofa. This sofa and a footstool were £30. Dye was another £30. New sofa would have been about £500 (its a really lovely old fashioned and over stuffed sofa). Saving is £440.

I also re-cycled a pretty jersey skirt into a nice big cushion for Fahed when he comes back. The material was pretty and is very soft but the skirt wasn't really my style so I am glad to have found a new purpose for it.£10 saving ??

Am I getting back into my frigal ways, and surely I should have £1230 to show it .


  1. I think everyone would be more frugal is they got that kind of money in return!

  2. and I might not have £200k on my mortgage !!


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