When the kids become the parents

Fahed is away in Cyprus this week attempting persuade his sister to move closer to other family members, or at least to the same country as some of them.

One of my sons is away at the moment helping his girlfriends dad with some health problems. The other son planned a few nights away as it is half term. In theory I should have been home alone for most of the week. I didn't say so but I wasn't really looking forward to that.

Somehow miraculously I don't seem to be having a single home alone night. Last night my eldest phoned to say he would be around in the evening to sleep over and could he have a lift back to the old fellas flat in the morning.

I have asked both of them if this is planned between them but they deny it. My youngest says 'no, of course not, the eldest is just a loving son'. Its all very suspicious.

I am very happy with them for being so thoughtful but I think it is super adorable to them do it all sneakily so I don't feel guilty about them missing out on something. I am blessed.


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