3 1/2 days to go

Left work a little early today as it was dark and snowy. I found the house in silence and darkness. Where had they all gone? After a couple of seconds of hanging up my coat and bag I heard giggles coming from under the piles of blankets. At ages 47, 20 and 18 they were hiding and trying to trick me!

It was the sign of a good evening ahead I think. We had a picnic dinner of pitta, coleslaw (just discovered how easy and cheap this is to make it myself, yum) and cold roast beef, which is surprisingly cheap from our local garage. We have also tried a few glasses of home made wine. The kids got the old SNES machines and games out of the attic. We have gone back ten years in a few hours and its just lovely. If Christmas is this lovely it will be perfect.

Back to the coleslaw. I had two pack arrive in my online shop today and by the time I got home the kids had eaten one each. Unwritten rule is you don't have to ask if you want fruit or veg. They manage to finagle coleslaw in under that flag. So I chopped half the white cabbage which i bought for soup, shredded an onion, grated and carrot. Mixed it all up with some mayo and a spoon full of cream. Ten times better than the bought variety. Why have I never down that before. What other dead easy ideas have I been missing? Any ideas gratefully received.


  1. I've never tried making coleslaw. I bet there are lots of things that aren't that hard, I'm just so used to buying things already made.

  2. Me too but it was quicker and tastier than driving to the shop. Must try harder for 2011.


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