2nd post Christmas giggles

Last Christmas I had loads of presents and everyone seemed to find it most amusing. It was afternoon before I found out that the saucepan set which I loved so much was also given to me the previous Christmas, and that I had bought it myself some years before and put it in the attic.

Whilst sorting out my office I found a beautiful boxed set of Boule which I gave Fahed when the kids were young and we always camped. We used the plastic boule filled with cement and I bought him some fancy ones when they were on special in Lidl one time. This is being re-wrapped for Christmas. Has he got a better memory than me. We will see. Just had a quick search through the bathroom drawers to make sure there is no shampoo. I found three sealed bottles of mens cologne and one of womens perfume. They are all going to be re-wrapped.

I wonder what else I can find.


  1. 3 bottles of men's cologne? I supposed he doesn't wear it to work since he is a swim instructor. The is very funny that you are re-wrapping gifts. Sort of reminds me of when I go to the thrift store and I pick out a shirt that I like only to remember that it was the shirt that I donated last week. Luckily I haven't actually purchased them a second time.

  2. Ha, ha. Definitely the sort of thing I would do.


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